Praise for Hidden Valley Road

Marin Sardy, author of The Edge of Every Day

“Hidden Valley Road offers a combination of two things that are often in short supply in storytelling about schizophrenia—rigorous research and deep compassion for all involved. In clear and insightful prose, Kolker spins an utterly absorbing tale of one family grappling with the profound personal costs of the illness, alongside a scientific history of an America largely at sea about how to conceive of schizophrenia or to help those who live with it. In a narrative that is at once gripping and humane, Kolker offers a nuanced consideration of schizophrenia’s many complexities, telling an ultimately hopeful story of one family’s small victories and the slow progress of research that may someday benefit millions.”

Susan Doherty, author of The Ghost Garden

“Meticulously researched, Hidden Valley Road is poignant to the point of heartbreak. Robert Kolker’s insightful story of a dozen siblings, half of whom were diagnosed with psychotic disorders, reinforces the idea that when nature is activated by traumatic nurture, schizophrenia takes hold. A devastating but essential read.”

Rachel Simon, author of Riding the Bus with My Sister

“A sweeping yet profoundly intimate story of one family’s breathtaking challenges with schizophrenia and humanity’s long history of misbegotten efforts to make sense of, and treat, the condition. Like The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, this masterfully researched and utterly engrossing book shines a light on individuals who were foundational to medical study—and subjected to questionable ethics. Your heart will break, your sympathies will swell, and the Galvins will stay with you forever.”